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На мой взгляд, Руслан прав. Достаточно просто не выпендриваться, принять статус, предлагаемый партнерами, и все будет достаточно хорошо. Или, во всяком случае, размеренно и спокойно:

Никто не станет обижать знающего свое место. Больше того, весьма высока вероятность, что ему даже позволят не развалиться, потому что у старших на него, проявляющего послушание, есть серьезные планы:

Что интересно, об этом сейчас говорят многие, а в 2011-м, сразу после Ливии, и в 2012-м писал, пожалуй, только я:

И обратите внимание: тогда, в 2012-м, собеседники из еще как бы не бандеровского Киева настойчиво убеждали, что "стать союзниками США в полном смысле этого слова" - лучший выбор. Они и сейчас так считают...


Nemo Nusquam
Jun. 2nd, 2016 06:23 pm (UTC)
"стать союзниками США"
"в полном смысле этого слова" -- лучший выбор?

из одного интересного документа:
i . imgur . com/XP08W94.png

Dr. Kissinger: You will certainly be able to discuss all these questions with President Nixon. Permit me to deal first with the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. To speak with you with complete frankness, even though our tactics may seem faulty on certain points, it is very important that you understand perfectly the objectives of our strategy. I would like you to consider my words as strictly confidential and reserved for you alone.

Have we chosen the Soviet Union over China? This is a crucial question that you have asked and my response is absolutely negative. There is no sense in choosing the strongest against the weakest. If the Soviet Union managed to render China impotent, Europe would become a Finland and the United States would be completely isolated. It is therefore consistent with our own interests not to want and to try not to permit that the Soviet Union should destroy China.

In fact, it is more a question of playing China against the Soviet Union. We have never used such frankness in discussing this with another Head of State. It is extremely important that you understand our real strategy. How can one support China? Today, such an idea would not be conceivable for American opinion. We need several years to establish with China the links which make plausible the notion that an attack directed against China could be an attack on the fundamental interests of the United States. This is our deliberate policy. We have the intention to turn rapidly toward China in the space of two or three years.

It is nevertheless important that this movement not serve as a pretext for a Soviet attack against China. It is consequently necessary that our policy be such that it does not seem to be directed against the Soviet Union and that detente is carried on in parallel with the Soviet Union; that the Soviet ...

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